Retention is the most important part of your treatment in order to maintain your results.  Teeth have a strong tendency to move back towards their original position. Retainers provide the support to prevent this from happening. Changes in tooth position are lifelong and naturally occurring. The best way to keep your teeth from shifting is to wear your retainers as directed.

Wear & Care:

  • Remove retainers for eating, drinking anything except water and brushing.
  • Clean retainers daily with cold water and soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Avoid exposing retainers to excessive heat and hot water.
  • Do not boil, bleach or place retainers in dishwasher.
  • You can soak retainers with retainer or denture cleaner tablet occasionally if desired. Be sure the water is not hot!
  • Keep your retainers away from your pet. Dogs love to chew retainers!
  • Large fillings or dental work may affect the fit of your retainers. Be sure to bring your retainers with you to your dental appointments.

If you find that your retainers are not fitting properly for any reason, please return as soon as possible for evaluation. If you stop wearing your retainer or your retainer fits poorly for a prolonged period of time, significant relapse or movement of the teeth can occur.  After this occurs, it may not be possible to regain the final alignment of the teeth and a new retainer or additional active treatment may be necessary.


  • Keeping your teeth straight is now your responsibility.
  • Schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you notice:
    • Poor fit, excessively loose or tight retainer
    • Any changes in your smile or bite
    • Lost or broken retainer
  • Continue follow up with your pediatric or general dentist for regular cleanings and evaluations.
  • Wearing your retainer as directed is the best way to maintain your beautiful new smile!